Meet the team.

Anthony Aarons Epifini

Anthony Aarons

Entrepreneur, Managing Director and Consultant/Coach with 15 years’ experience in strategic planning, leadership development, sales, risk management, management consulting, communication strategy, learning and development, training, negotiations, organic growth, innovation. International consulting work in the UK, US, France, India and Spain.

Tom Osborn Epifini

Tom Osborn

Analytics specialist in predictive analytics, machine learning & AI, computer forensic and strategic business analysis. PhD in modeling complex systems. Adjunct Professor analytics and data mining. Consultant in tech R&D, problem identification, optimisation, market econometrics, and innovation assessment, Technology adviser for 5 successful start-ups.

Glenn Butcher Epifini

Glenn Butcher

Former senior executive with Atlassian and Amazon. Instrumental in global software development and implementation. An expert in developing and scaling large teams in complex technology. Glenn is now an Angel Investor and Entrepreneur in the technology space.

Mahé Bastien

Mahé Bastien

Combined her career as a marketing strategist (10 years experience working with blue-chip companies: Kimberly Clark, Westpac, Bupa, Priceline, ANZ, Rackspace & startups) with her work as a complementary therapist. Alongside marketing, she has dedicated herself to spiritual studies and brings both into the corporate sphere.

John Bligh

John Bligh

Experienced consultant and advisor on major business change initiatives involving the deployment of new technologies. Capabilities for establishing effective governance processes to deliver change programmes. Deep expertise in driving Business Transformation initiatives for improved profitability, better customer experiences and more agile and adaptable processes.