Our goal is to make Epifini available to as many businesses as possible.

With that in mind, we have packages for SMEs, Enterprise Businesses and Channel Partners.

SME customers:

The package includes:

  • Set up on the Epifini platform – only required once
  • 1 Epifini diagnostic – for one person only
  • A report debrief

If you want additional people in your business to run Epifini, each subsequent diagnostic will come at an additional cost.

An Epifini diagnostic is for one individual. If you wanted 5 additional people to run Epifini, you’ll need to purchase 5 diagnostics.

The report debrief can be done on an individual diagnostic or as a group. In other words, if only one person run Epifini, the debrief will be on the results in the report for that person only. If a group of people run Epifini, the debrief will address the team results.

For channel partners:

Our channels partners are professional service providers including accountants, management consultants, business coaches, insolvency practitioners, recruitment consultants, venture capital companies.

As a channel partner you’ll receive:

  • Access to the Epifini Partner Platform.
  • Administration, support and client report access.
  • Training and on-boarding on how Epifini works.
  • Assistance with client report debriefs.

Whether you’re a direct customer or you’re interested in becoming a channel partner please contact us