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Morgan McKinley Case Study

Morgan McKinley is a global specialist recruitment agency established in 1988 with offices in most major economic centres.

Background and Challenges

The joint MD’s of Morgan McKinley were faced with rapid and continuous disruption of the recruitment industry. The leadership lacked the space and time to reflect, plan and focus their energies in the right areas with evidenced based data.  The focus was on meeting client demand and immediate requirements of their own people whilst also trying to balance the strategic management of the business.

The joint MD’s chose to use Epifini to support them as part of the 2018 strategic planning process.

The first Epifini diagnostic was completed in Q4 2017. A second one was completed 6 months later and showed a marked improvement across all business elements.

Epifini Solution

Epifini proved to be a great tool to guide the MD’s in forming their strategy. It presented insightful questions that challenged both MD’s and enabled them to take a different perspective. It ultimately provided them with an accurate picture of the business and a clear prioritised plan of action.

The questions themselves were found to be extremely beneficial, highlighting previously unconsidered areas of strategy. Two specific big-ticket items that were identified shaped the business’s 2018 strategic plan and were the catalyst for a series of business improvement initiatives.


As a direct result of Epifini, Morgan Mckinley has been ahead of the business’s Sales Target every quarter this year and are estimating they will finish the year between 107-110% of Sales Target.

Morgan McKinley saw an 11% improvement in its engagement score on its 2017 results along with a 6% improvement in staff retention for the same period.

The business also saw a 30% increase in its peak net promoter score with its clients.

In addition, the analysis highlighted the need for the leadership to bring a stronger statement of purpose to its Australian operations. This was also followed through and made a substantial positive shift to the business culture

The business really honed in on each of the areas of challenge that Epifini identified; and as a result, Morgan McKinley now has clear effective success indicators in place and has become more effective in how success is measured.


According the Managing Directors, Epifini is a great tool, easy to use and quick to complete when compared to traditional consulting services. Epifini gave them a clear roadmap of what was required for the business to accelerate growth.