Leadership Matters

Whether we like it or not, leaders have a strong influence in multiple areas of our lives. For this reason alone, the nature of leadership is worth considerable reflection and discussion. We know intuitively that leadership is important simply because when it goes wrong the ramifications can be vast. The damage caused by bad leadership has real and tangible fallout. In business, this fallout impacts employees, families and our society. This is why in most cases, business leadership isn’t press-worthy until something fails.


Managing Complexity for SMEs

The Rubik’s cube was launched across the world in 1980 as the most difficult puzzle ever with more than a billion possible variations across its six sides.What makes a Rubix Cube difficult? Simple, every time you move a side to line up a colour it moves something else on another side. Simple yet incredibly complex. The key was to find a reference point from which you could solve the puzzle. The reference point was difficult to find but once found, solving the most complex puzzle of the century became possible.The Rubix Cube is a perfect analogy for business.


Active Learning in Artificial Intelligence

Active Learning is a specialist branch of Machine Learning, also known as Optimal Experimental Design, Query Learning or Adaptive Incremental Learning. It is about finding out “what is going on”, efficiently and reliably, starting from a position of relative ignorance, without wasting valuable time and resources. It is a different thing from the “Active Learning” approach found in education, where each students actively engages in and directs their own learning experience.