How does Epifini know what questions to ask?

Epifini contains a universe of questions developed by our team of business coaches and management consultants. The team has decades of experience as management consultants, executive coaches and business owners. The mixture of specialities that the team covers means the questions covers practically every area of a business. The fusion of expertise means we avoid narrow business analysis, which may well miss what are the real issues.

Why does Epifini ask these questions?

Epifini spans six Elements of senior business management which a business may have strengths and weaknesses.

1. People: Culture Spread and People Development
2. Leadership: Leadership Effectiveness and Growth Strategies
3. Operations: Process Management and Execution Effectiveness

Each of these Elements are comprised of four Business Factors which are the areas you need to focus on to fix problems in your business.

How long will Epifini take?

You should expect the questionnaire to take around 1 hour to 90 minutes.  It may take longer depending on how much depth Epifini needs to go into.

When do I get the report?

The report is generated immediately once you press the ‘submit button’.  The submit button will light up once Epifini has enough information to generate a result.

What do I do after I get the report?

The report is easy to navigate but at first glance there is a lot to take in.  Don’t panic we’re here to help and an Epifini Team Member will contact you in 24 hours to debrief the report with you.

Is Epifini a survey?

Not at all – a survey is a standard sequence of questions.  Epifini is far more intelligent.  Epifini uses Active Learning to search a universe of questions for the next best question to ask that will give it the information it needs to find and analyse the severity of problems within your business. More than that, it looks at how every part of a business relates to every other part.  It’s like having an entire team of experts explore your business simultaneously.