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Bench Case Study

Bench is one of Australia’s fastest growing technology companies having been awarded twice in the Deloitte Fast 50.

Background and Challenges

The Bench owners realised that to continue to grow successfully and as rapidly as they had to date, they needed their finger on the pulse of the business at all times and pinpoint any problems accurately, early, easily and above all, fast.

They turned to Epifini as a process to discover hidden issues, measure performance and see how aligned the business was across Leadership, People and Operations.

Epifini Solution

The Bench owners undertook Epifini individually and came together as a team to view the results. Whilst they all received very different questions from Epifini, the reports indicated a 97.3% alignment score.

Working with an Epifini team member, they immediately put in place a business improvement plan and used the priorities recommended in the Epifini Report to focus their energies in the areas that needed it most, but to also seek to recruit new talents into their business to address identified weaknesses.


Epifini allowed the Bench leadership team to execute key strategic priorities with confidence.

The first quarter following the implementation of the report saw continued growth with the main talent gaps filled, the areas of concern addressed and an acceleration of their 2018 Strategy.